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State of the Union – MaxEffort Fitness in 2017

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This affiliate started in the summer of 2011 and was a rollercoaster right from the beginning.  The past year has been no exception — 2016 definitely brought some surprises, with some major highs and lows, both for me personally AND the business.

Personally, the year started a bit rocky for me and the business was in a constant flux.  After purchasing CrossFit 702 the previous October, we were having a hard time integrating the communities and getting our feet underneath us.  Running two separate facilities under one banner was new territory for me and it was a “learn as you go” situation!  Fast-forward to the end of 2016 and I am INCREDIBLY proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Some of the goals I had for the business that we’ve hit:

  • Dedicated Coach Development with focused instruction and studies – everyone just recently finished an 18-week Precision Nutrition course, all CrossFit trainers are at least CF-L2, and Erica and Nik are studying for their Level 3 Credential!
  • A professional staff completely dedicated to YOU – the majority of our coaching staff is FULL-TIME (salary with benefits) who now have the ability to make a career out of their passion!
  • Community Events and official Ambassadors – Rudy, Jeanne, and the Ambassadors have put on some INCREDIBLE events for the community.
  • Optimized programming for ALL levels of fitness in the group classes that CONTINUALLY evolves – it took me some trial and error, but I think I’ve finally dialed in a great balance between skills/drills, strength work, and conditioning application!
  • The addition of Individual Programming and Nutrition Guidance programs – making coaches more directly accessible for help with extra programming and nutrition advice, at an affordable rate, was a huge goal of mine this year!  Every athlete that has partaken in these programs have seen incredible results.
  • Facility upgrades to enhance both training and community at each location – each location has more “fun toys” and improved “Member Social Area”.
  • Central facility now has a Cafe/Coffee & Smoothie Bar – Adrianna opened up earlier this week to bring an AWESOME menu of delicious and healthy food directly to our members at the Central location!
  • New website and member management software – this was more of a pain than I care to admit 😀 …but we finally finished migration to the new website and backend system which allows our admin duties to be SUPER efficient, which will free up our time to be with YOU guys more often!
  • New WORK program – it’s gaining popularity and is perfect for people looking for a quick HIIT class without the learning curve of CrossFit.
  • Nik and The Avengers are looking READY – for those of you who pay attention to competitive exercise 😉 our top athletes are looking primed going into the Open.  We’ve either 1) won or 2) finished on the podium in almost every competition we’ve competed in during the offseason and we only keep getting fitter!  Nik Hecht, Erica Sideri, Julia Bell, Lauren Weeks, Nikole Shrigley, Travis Zipper, Marcos Rivera, Devon Powell!

Now, my personality lends itself towards a healthy dose of skepticism (thanks Dad!) and if you asked me a month ago if MaxEffort was successful in 2016, my instinctive response would have been “Not really.”

Since last January, I may have let some of my personal life trickle over into the business despite my greatest attempts.  Fortunately I have a great team supporting me.  I’ve taken the past couple of weeks to reflect on how last year went and how we are poised to tackle the upcoming 2017.

For the first time in a *LONG* time I have genuine enthusiasm for how the business and our community is positioned.  Here are just a few of the things I’m looking to do this year:

  • Start a Trainer Development Program for CrossFitters looking to transition into leading classes or coaching.
  • Continue with facility upgrades and equipment additions – West is going to be getting some new toys soon!  Also, we’re already talking about expanding Adri’s “Nourish ME” operation to West and *possibly* starting a food prep service!
  • Diversify the programs we offer to expand membership.  It started with WORK and AfterBURN, but we are looking to add BUILD to the schedule soon!
  • Start hosting weekend clinics and workshops to educate members on different topics (nutrition, running, etc).  What would you like to see covered here? Post a comment!
  • Integrate BeyondTheWhiteboard logging software directly with the website for seamless usage to track progress (coming VERY soon)!
  • More community!  A bi-monthly newsletter, more parties, and an in-house competition – rally the Ambassadors!
  • Bring back FitWars local competition for 2017!
  • Have coaches post educational content to the blog on a regular basis (as part of their coach development)! What topics do you want them to write about? Post a comment!

I have a personal goal of becoming a better communicator with my customers, as a business owner.  My pledge is to make a monthly blog post to keep the community up-to-date with happenings in MaxEffort 😉

As our community grows, I’m going to do whatever it takes to keep connections strong between the staff and the customers.  After all, this IS a “relationship-based business”.

No other business allows the service provider to have as regular an impact on their customer than the CrossFit Affiliate.

Every one of my coaches understands this and we realize that we have the power to make your day GREAT.  We deeply value that connection and view it as a responsibility each and every time you walk through our doors.

I hope you’re as motivated for 2017 as I am!

See you in the gym,

Zach Forrest
Owner and Head Coach, Director of Culture