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MaxEffort – March Update!

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February was a great month at MaxEffort and March is looking to be action-packed as well!  Here’s my rundown:

The WORK Program

The WORK program continues to grow – evening classes at Central and the early morning sessions at West are starting to swell!  We are  instituting a class cap of 15 athletes (starting next week) and are already looking to add more class times.

I’m stoked about this program on so many different levels!  I plan on making this a BIG part of the MaxEffort curriculum — more equipment, more class times, and more visibility in the community!

If you haven’t introduced yourself to some of the new members in WORK classes, try to do so when you see them!

The Open and “Friday Night Lights”

The 17.1 Open “Friday Night Lights” event last week was incredible!

The energy – AWESOME!
The atmosphere – AWESOME!
The performances – AWESOME!

The combination of DB Snatch and Burpee Box Over left many people’s backs completely wrecked….the high volume definitely took a toll on even the most conditioned athletes.

Here’s the breakdown of the current Team Standings in the MaxEffort Community:

  1. The Transfoamrollers – 47pts (Marcos Rivera – 2nd Place Male)
  2. Team Miso Fit – 41pts (Nik Hecht – 1st Place Male, Lauren Weeks – 1st Place Female)
  3. The Mighty Morphin’ Power Snatchers – 39pts (Julia Bell – 2nd Place Female)
  4. Team MAD MAX – 38pts (Nikole Shrigley – 3rd Place Female) **Winner of Week 1 “Spirit of the Open”**
  5. The Suicide Squatters – 36pts (Travis Zipper – 3rd Place Male)

As you can see, it’s a pretty tight race!  Remember: scoring is based on PARTICIPATION!  As long as you perform the workout and submit your score, you give your team a point!

The Transfoamrollers seem to have an advantage with the biggest roster but  Team Miso Fit was the only team to have ALL of their athletes submit their scores!  Every other team had at least TWO people not submit their scores 🙁

Shout-out and props to Team MAD MAX, winners of the “Spirit of the Open” for Week 1!  They rolled deep and in style with their movie-inspired workout attire:


Remember: The “Spirit of the Open” is a 5pt bonus based off a poll from all the Ambassadors.  They vote on which team has the best team spirit, camaraderie, sportsmanship, etc.

Who’s going to win Week 2?!


Have you ever seen me standing just inside the gym, watching a class, twirling my hair?  Want to know what I’ve been thinking lately?

“Man I wish Orlando would lock out his arms…”
Just kidding.

LATELY, I’ve been thinking about how awesome the people and overall energy has been at each location.  I’m really proud of BOTH the staff and veteran members for continuing to create a sanctuary for hard work.

The MaxEffort community is stronger than ever and it’s continuing to grow.  Truth be told, growth isn’t even my main concern.  Every month, the staff gets together and we review the members we’ve lost in the previous 30 days.  We go over why they left and what we could have done to prevent it.  We try and learn from it.  We want to make MaxEffort a place where people can stay and achieve “happiness through fitness” for the long haul.

By the looks of it, after doing this for almost 10 years, we are starting to get the hang of it 😉  I’m looking forward to March!


The programming for the month of March is going to include a lot of Benchmarks.  These are going to occur *mainly* on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – be ready for them!

You’ll also notice an uptick in aerobic sessions, namely running.  Between now and the end of May (i.e. “Death Heat”) you’ll see increased volumes of running to balance out the programming.

Be on the lookout for a revamped, rescaled, and improved “Fitness Level System” to include Levels 1-5.

As always, let me know if you want more information or have ANY questions.

Upcoming Events to Know About

  • 17.2 “Friday Night Lights” – March 3rd from 4p-7p at WEST (Central closes @ 4p)
  • CENTRAL CLOSED – March 4-5th for a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer’s Course
  • 17.3 “Friday Night Lights” – March 10th from 4p-7p at CENTRAL (West closes @ 4p)
  • 17.4 “Friday Night Lights” – March 17th from 4p-7p at WEST (Central closes @ 4p)
  • 17.5 “Friday Night Lights” / Firefighters v. Cops – March 24th from 4p-7p at CENTRAL (West closes @ 4p)