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MaxEffort – February Update!

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Wow. Did January go by EXTREMELY fast for anyone else? I feel like it’s been non-stop for the past four weeks!  Here’s the monthly update from my perspective 😉

New Members and a Recap!

The “ME Community” grew QUITE a bit this past month – we’ve added over 30  new faces between CrossFit and WORK memberships, so make sure to introduce yourself and make them feel welcome!

The best thing about MaxEffort is the people that make up the community – if you don’t know everyone that you’re taking class with, you’re doing it wrong 😉

Our “Referral Program” is going strong (50% of our new members were referrals!) and we’ve received nothing but GREAT feedback about it.  If you want to save $100 bucks on your membership AND give your friend a discount, just fill out the form on that link! and the app has been getting a TON OF USE from our members!  I’m stoked to see that it’s so popular.  Keep logging those WODs, lifts, and PRs.  If you didn’t log it or put it up on social media…did it really happen?? 😉

The Open is Coming

Just like last year, the Open Events will be announced on Thursday evening and CFME will run them all day on Friday.  The morning class schedule will be normal, with the gym going into “Friday Night Lights” mode in the evening!

More details about The Open to come – stay tuned!

*Also…this 😀 :

The “BUILD” Program

We are really excited about launching this new class — the focus is on developing lean tissue using some basic weightlifting and strengthening movements.

We’ve had great feedback on class times and other aspects about the programming and will let you know as soon as we decide when to start scheduling it!

Upcoming Events to Know About

  • Sin City CrossFit’s “Valentine’s Day Massacre” is on Saturday, February 11th.  I know we have at LEAST 4 pairs competing…make sure MaxEffort shows up to support their athletes!
  • CENTRAL CLOSED – Saturday & Sunday, February 18th/19th for a CrossFit Weightlifting Course.
  • 2017 CF Games Open Starts / First Open Event Announced – Thursday, February 23rd!