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Max Effort – May Update!

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And just like that…Regionals, warmer weather, and the weekend pool parties are here! Well…I HEARD there are pool parties going on…I have yet to go to one. Here’s the breakdown for May:

Gym Owner & Head Coach

Last month I set out some specific goals and projects for myself.  I hit some deadlines, pushed some back, and had an overall productive month.

  1. Develop the WORK Classescurrently in progress.
  2. Kick-off the “Intern & Trainer Development Pipeline”done!
  3. Restratify the “Athlete Level” Chartspostponed.
  4. Strengthen our marketing effortscurrently in progress.

As you can see, I made progress in some areas and I’ve re-prioritzed some others.  I’m most happy with the progress that the Intern & Trainer Development Pipeline has made!  We have 6 people who are working to hone their skills so they can better assist and lead classes:

  • John Borla
  • Brittany Goncharow
  • Kelly Allen
  • Elizabeth Jack
  • Neil Ryan-Guieb
  • Hollie Gardner

In addition to their *slight* CrossFit addiction, each one of these people have a tremendous passion for helping others 😉  We’ve been making great progress and everyone is super stoked to start learning more!

“South Regionals Weekend” May 19th-21st

We will have a reduced schedule as Nik, The Avengers, a lot of our coaches, and about 20 members (a.k.a. “the best damn cheer section ever!”) travel to San Antonio for the Regional competition.

We will release the finalized class schedule this week as well as plans for a Viewing Party for members that want to get together and watch the final events live on Sunday!


Amy Glowniak from ME West is our newest Ambassador!

Our Ambassador team grows stronger with the addition of long-time West member Amy G!  Make sure you give her high-fives and chest-bumps…she is SUPER stoked to take this on and I think she’s going to be great!

Also, I’ve seen a LOT of smiling new faces around the gym.  You are ALL doing a great job of welcoming the new members and making sure they feel like they’ve found a home 😉  The coaching staff and Ambassadors report to me on a daily basis about these things and it’s a testament to everyone’s commitment to each other!  Keep that up!


The month of April was an experiment that gave me a lot of insight on different aspects of everyone’s preferences and learning rates.  I was surprised at how quickly our athletes made improvements on certain skills from increasing the frequency of exposure by such a small margin (one extra exposure in a 14-day period).  This leads me to believe that I can program smaller blocks of training (4-6 weeks) to focus on certain specific skills (progressional, position based) and make considerable gainz without sacrificing any significant capacity elsewhere.

This did not prove true for the Competitor or more advanced athletes:  with less variance in their training, there was a definite drop off in certain skills…specifically, we focused on aerobic development and gymnastics strength, while barbell strength (heavy squat volume, deadlift, and pressing) was sidelined.  The tradeoff was good, in the end, and we are climbing back to a higher overall fitness level.  The takeaway: the longer you’ve been training, the more variance you need in your programming.

The month of May will return to a more balanced scheme of programming until I think of a way to further implement what I learned in April.  You will see an even balance of strength development and conditioning, with specific attention to Dips, Chin-ups, and GHD movements.  Also, we won’t be testing for Rep Maxes too much as we break to train the lifts (different than “testing” the lifts).

As always, I welcome all feedback – either snag me in the gym or shoot me an email (!

Upcoming Events to Know About

  • May 6th – ME West “Town Hall Meeting”
    • At West, starts at 10:30a!
  • May 13th-14th – CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course (click for details)
    • Central CLOSED both days – 7am class on May 13th only
  • May 18th-21st – South Regional Competition
    • Reduced class schedule at both locations
    • Stay tuned for details!
  • May 27th-28th – CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Course (click for details)
    • Central CLOSED both days – 7am class on May 27th only
  • May 29th – Memorial Day “Murph”!
    • Central – 10a & 12p classes only!
    • West – 9a & 12p classes only!