Max Effort is a world class fitness facility serving Las Vegas.

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Most Visited CrossFit Gym in the World

The “Most Visited CrossFit Gym in the World” is also the largest facility in Las Vegas. This location has an average of 15-20 visiting athletes per day and is a “must train” spot for any vacationing CrossFitter. Located at the south end of the world-famous Strip near Town Square. The cross-streets are Sunset & Dean Martin.

Boasting over 16,000 square feet, this facility has all the equipment you’ll ever need: from the standard bars, plates, and kettlebells to a turf room with the Pig, Worm, Slug, other strongman gear! It also houses the longest Rogue Pull-up rig in the United States spanning over 200’!


3200 W Sunset #101
Las Vegas, NV 89118