Paul Longworth

Paul Longworth



Paul Longworth has one singular goal in life: Inspire others to become better humans. “Everything else I do is just a way to help me achieve that one goal.” He started training in martial arts at the age of six. He trained, competed, and coached for nearly twenty years. Paul has also competed in physical events ranging from endurance racing to strongman competitions. “I just love to test myself and prove that I can overcome anything in my way!”

Paul found CrossFit while serving in the Air Force in 2013 and immediately fell in love. “CrossFit can teach you so many lessons about life. How to dig deep when things don’t go right, the importance of determination, and how to constantly seek out ways to improve. CrossFit isn’t just a way to get in shape. It’s an opportunity to grow. Every workout is a life lesson if you open your eyes to it.  My job is to help you reach your goals you walk through the door with, then help you realize that you can achieve so much more here than just hitting a PR or dropping some pounds.” Paul has been coaching CrossFit since 2016 and is currently a student at UNLV where he studies Athletic Training, allowing him to put his passion for fitness, rehabilitation, and emergency care to good use.


  • CF-L1

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