Liliana Gonzalez

Liliana Gonzalez



I was Born in Jalisco, Mexico and moved to California when I was 4 years old. I have been an athlete my entire life, competing in track, volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, triathlons and amateur boxing. I’ve always loved the adrenaline of competing and being the best athlete I could be. I Went off to College at SDSU earned my Bachelors in Business Management and started my own personal training business along with working as a weight-loss counselor. Love being a part of peoples’ journey’ as they better their lives and health. In 2014 I moved to Las Vegas and is where I was introduced, by my sister in law, to try CrossFit. I had never lifted weights before like they do in CrossFit. I was always the cardio queen. I signed up for the buddy challenge with my sister in law and was hooked. I love the community and how supportive everyone is. After some consideration and talking with coach Omar, I decided to take the L1 seminar. Teaching group classes was a big change from just one on one personal training, but I absolutely love it. I look forward to coming to class every day getting a great workout in with friends that have now become family.

Hometown: Ocotlan, Jalisco/Santa Paula, CA Favorite Workout: Murph Least Favorite: Cleans Most rewarding part of coaching: Seeing peoples’ excitement when they PR and the relationships you build with everyone Favorite Disney Movie: Lion King Bucket List: Open My own MedSpa Life Motto: Si Se Puede!


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